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Your footprints are still here...

"... the memories will last a lifetime. Hopefully this will become an annual event for our families and friends”
(these quotes are used with permission)

“We trekked all over the region. This is a wonderful little corner of the world. There is something inspirational about the kitchen space.”

“Canoe rides in the evening when the lake was calm and a campfire were just grand to end off each perfect day. “

“Our family instantly fell in love with this cottage. The children enjoyed the cabin in the woods as much as they enjoyed playing in the water."

“Walking on the railroad and writing atop the big rock were my favorite pastimes. Our two weeks passed by really fast. It seems we’ve only arrived a couple days ago. All of my family enjoyed it here immensely, including our dog, Mocha who was just ecstatic to roam around by herself and chase ducks in the lake.”

“Well although the weather did not cooperate for us, we had lots of fun here at Camp Comfort. We enjoyed the scenery and the lake was so quiet, it felt like we had it all to ourselves. The campfires were a lovely finish to our lake filled days of adventure.”

“We canoed, sailed, rowed, bounced on the trampoline, ate (and ate and ate), cycled, golfed, toured the area, roasted marshmallows on the fire, read, laughed (and laughed, and laughed), drank red wine at four in the afternoon, while sitting by the lake watching the water ripple, played badminton, picked wild flowers, took walks by the train tracks, cooked fabulous meals, took naps (the window seat in the mater bed room is highly recommended), watched the tadpoles in the pond, listened to the birds, gazed at the stars.”

“Thanks so much for providing such as cozy, well-equipped and peaceful retreat. Our only mistake was booking only one week. Instead of two – a mistake we will remedy next year.” They did.

Feb. 25, 2005

When the sun rose over the far shore each morning, when it reached across the snow-laden lake and bathed us in warm orange light, we were reminded again and again that we had entered a sanctuary. A refuge fro the frenzy of urban life. Our pulses slowed and our thoughts expanded into the open sky. So much to be grateful for!

We are grateful for this house, this home to so many generations of love and fun and good memories. There is a welcoming spirit her, and so much about the physical space to appreciate. We live the open feeling of the design and especially liked the spiral staircase and the spectacular, tranquil views from the living room, kitchen and bedroom... We loved the penetrating warmth of the stoves and the romance of the antique refrigerator and range. We enjoyed walking on the lake and through h the woods each day, and found the local folks to be warm and friendly and indulgent of our lack of any French language skills!

We traveled to Quebec City one day – a trip well worth taking. The old city was especially charming with its snow-covered streets and doorways, and we left with treasures made by local artists.

We didn’t see any wildlife, but did see lots of tracks. In fact, we saw one set of unusual that we followed it through the woods to a place where deer had been sleeping in the snow. We guess that they had been scared by this animal and scattered, judging by the tracks. We haven’t found out (yet) what kind of animal it might have been.

We’ll sign off with our most memorable scene. One night at about 5:30, just after the sun had set, we went down to the lake. A light snow was blowing in, and the full moon had risen above the far shore. It shone through the snow, creating an other-worldly landscape of beauty.

Thanks Tom, for maintaining this lively space and for making it available for folks like us. We’ve experienced peace, renewal and live here, and are deeply grateful.

Bob Stains, Beverly, MA
Jill Jackson, Wenham, MA



















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Filling the Tub


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You are free to "Be"

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I wonder

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to fill the tub?

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