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More happy birds next summer?
or How one families desire for freedom inspired a whole movement.

Yes, a family from Brossard are coming next July and have requested Camp Comfort Unplugged. Asd a third is interested.

Be the third family coming next summer (2011) to request the WiFi connectivity be TURNED OFF. Go truly wireless and we will give you $50 or 4 bottles of pretty decent wine. This is our small effort to encourage more people to interact without "the wire" and experience another state of wellness, that is well, more nat ural.. A family from Manotick, just South of Ottawa, had the honour of being the first and has been admitted to the Camp Comfort Hall of Fame, just after the Hashimoto clan who in 2003 who coaxed 16 people to take the Polar Bear Challenge.



"For us to truly experience peace and quiet and to garner the full experience of your cottage, I asked our family to give up technology for 2 weeks. This meant cell phones, tv, dvds, games and internet.

I believe the experience was a huge success, but I wanted to provide you, and perhaps your future clients with some insight into our experience. So, let's start with how we got there... read more here


Many of us are losing the know how to be with each other close-up. Or maybe if you are reading this you are not but you are longing for a time and space with friends and family, where everyone is truly there, together, fully in the present.
All that e-mailing, gaming, Skyping, or Facebookingi is wonderful for when we are apart, but it does nothing to improve your family life (or sex life!).

Take the challenge to focus on friends, family, and your partners surrounded by pleasing architecture and spectacular nature. Connecting with one another is easier than you imagine. Nothing like quitting smoking!! After 2 days, as all your Internet and texting desireshave faded away, replaced by a new urge to play card s.. This is not about going without technology. We have a sauna and showers. At night, Lights out and stars on, take a trip in our hot tub time machine and gone are a few off a few years of wear and tear. Find yourself whole again in that state of being that Canadians used to know as "cottage life".

Enjoy a week without hyperlinks, give the birds and your pets a week without those radio frequencies, and request the unplugged and unwired cottage.

You will not see any evidence of the wireless ban except a single sign posted at the top of the driveway
"Beware, Connected Family"